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Dr Gorika's Children's
Medical Center(GCMC)

Our motto at GCMC is to "Treat every child as if you are treating your own child" This is one such destination where we assure perfect health for your little one.
"We care for your newly born till they're eighteen"


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  • Amil
    Dr. Gorika was very friendly and patient. Answered to all our queries and gave us ample time to make us understand all the dos and don'ts. Highly recommended.
    on Oct 15
  • Abhimanyu
    Dr Gorika was very patient with my questions and took utmost care of my new born for whom I needed to get vaccinations done. Would visit again.
    on Oct 15
  • Anamika
    Very friendly doctor. Kids love being here as the interiors are so well done kids always feel at home. Had gone for nebulization for my younger one which was done with ease.
    on Oct 15
  • Saurav
    Of the 3-4 pediatricians I have visited in the past, I find that Dr. Gorika is most careful (and usually accurate) in her diagnosis. Seems quite knowledgeable, and genuinely involved in the health of her patients. Highly recommend.
    on 24 Sept 15
  • Anandita
    Very good doctor . Gentle and sweet . Very well read . She answers all my questions with lots of patience and my kids love going to her .
    on 23 Sept 15
  • Megha
    Wonderful doc! Extremely nice and caring.Does not believe in giving antibiotics unnecessarily. Very good at her diagnosis. Would strongly recommend GCMC to all.
    on 23 Sept 15

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As we all know "Prevention is better than cure".


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At Dr. Gorika’s Children’s Medical Centre, we believe that every child is precious and that each of them has the right to lead a happy and health childhood. Sticking to this mission of providing excellent health care, we offer you with the opportunity to access improved health care facility and change their way of life.